Monthly layout with a habit tracker


Here is a new attempt at a monthly calendar with a habit tracker for the month.  I have a few things that I want to make sure I do every day such as prayer, Bible reading, other readings.

I tried the ‘official’ bullet journal method of listing the dates down one side of the left page of the spread and then having a master task list on the right page of the spread but my brain and habit has been hardwired to have a monthly calendar.  Its been my habit for nearly 35 years to always put all scheduled events on the monthly calendar first.  I consult this calendar throughout the day if I have any request for appointments or scheduled meetings.  I use the calendar when I plan out each week’s priorities to get an idea of what type of discretionary time I will have available each day.

The following daily pages really aren’t that interesting.  I simply put the date on the next open spot and then build my list and add log entries throughout the day.  I’ve not added a weekly layout and likely won’t.

Bullet Journal in a Traveler’s Notebook – Reincarnating this blog!

I thought I would reincarnate this old blog by posting up about my new traveler’s notebook  and my ongoing attempts at using a bullet journal.  You can read about the idea here.  I’ve been a real student of personal productivity for many years and really have enjoyed the bullet journal concept over the past 2 or 3 years.

I’ve been using Field Notes brand notebooks in the recent past for my bullet journal, but found that I was having a hard time fitting every thing in there.  I didn’t want to spend too much money on buying a dedicated pre-labeled bullet journal, but needed something a little bigger and thought a traveler’s notebook might fit the bill.

So far I am pretty pleased with what I am experiencing.  I’ve adapted the original calendar/task list spread, to be a more traditional calendar and have a habit tracker set for next month.  I don’t make up any weekly spreads, instead I just start on daily pages and work on my task list.   I really like the idea of bullets and signifiers and don’t find this to be much different than many of the time/personal management things I have used in the past.

What I really like is not being bound to a page layout determined by someone else or feeling like I’ve wasted money on pre-printed pages that I might not make full use of.   I don’t have a lot of discretionary time as a school teacher, so having a smaller list is good.

Also, as I am getting older, I have to capture ideas when they occur because the gray matter isn’t quite as nimble as it used to be.

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