Daily Planning in my bullet journal

I approach daily planning from a pretty pragmatic point of view.  I try to evaluate how much discretionary time I will have and then plan a few high priorities to get done during that time.  I also take on things that are urgent or that come up at the spur of the moment.   I’ve tried to use the GTD philosophy of simply asking myself, “What is the next action I can take on this item?” and then just do it.

Sometimes my daily list may only have 1 or 2 items.   Sometimes it will have 10 to 12 things.   It all depends on time available and what is actually going on.   My lists aren’t pretty, but that is sort of the nature of my bullet journal.  It is a tool that I use to get stuff taken care of and to not forget vital things.   I’m a teacher, so I can read my own handwriting most of the time.


That’s about as exciting as it gets.  I’m trying to implement a bigger master list of tasks from a regular brain dump and then will work on prioritizing those events and actions and get them under better control.   I’ll share my list of prioritizing questions in my next post.

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