Out With The Olde and In With The New

Can there be anything more trite than the title of this post? I do think it looks classier with the extra E added to Old.  Don’t you?

Hundreds or perhaps even thousands of bloggers, writers, talkers and doers are saying or thinking the same thing. Many of us are glad to turn the metaphorical page on the calendar and look forward to a fresh start. Some of us will make lofty New Year resolutions which will be abandoned by January 2 or perhaps a little later. Many of us will make a grand statement that “I don’t do resolutions because they don’t work.”

However, almost all of us will have something in mind that we would like to change. A new habit to start or an old one to break. A strong desire to be lighter, heavier, in better shape, more organized, better liked, and etc. Hell, I want to be taller, but I think that ship has passed since I am now a full inch shorter than I was when I graduated from high school nearly 36 years ago.

What I really want to do is control my actions in regard to the events in my life. I want to spend less time trying to control the things I think I can but I can’t and more time in doing the things I should but don’t.  One of the things I thought I could control but can’t is the fact that my wife is an avocational cat rescuer.

What about you?


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