Focusing On What’s Most Important


The New Year brings about a desire to be better. Rather than focus on such a monumental task, I choose to focus on only 1 value in my life for the first month of the new year – Solitude.

Solitude for me is a focused time of contemplation and faith in attaining my worthy goals. My desire is to spend a time in solitude each morning to “plan” my actions for the day, focusing on my long term goals and ambitions and taking on as much (or as little) as I need for any given day. I’ll try to use David Allen’s Getting Things Done philosophy of determining what is the next physical action I can take on projects, problems or activities and either doing them or planning the appropriate time when I can. Sort of a metaphorical clearing of the decks.

This idea still allows me time to deal with other items as they come up throughout the day and gives me the mental freedom of knowing that I will always have my highest priorities in front of me in my Field Notes planner. I call it my daily action list.


I hope all of you spend time meeting your goals and ambitions in 2018.

Happy New Year!

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