Planner Set-up

I thought I would make a post to share my current (evolving) planner set-up. I want to make sure I can always have the tools I need accessible at all times in order to be most effective, but I don’t want too much stuff. My first posts in this blog showed a traditional sized traveler’s notebook. That didn’t last too long with me because it was simply too big for me to carry around all of the time. I needed something pocket sized. The last several posts showed a simple leather cover where I could carry 1 or 2 notebooks.

For the time being, this set-up seemed a bit insufficient for my planning needs as my system is developing (it may work again down the road, but time will tell). So, I “borrowed” a pocket sized traveler’s notebook by Chic Sparrow that we found at the local ARC store a few months ago for just a couple of dollars.



I moved the closure band endpoint from the back cover of the planner and moved it to the back spine of the cover.



I decided I wanted to carry three Field Notes books in this cover at the current moment.

The first book is my planning notes which include my unifying principles, long-term goals, time management goals and prioritizing questions. This is one of the FN Resolutions books. The role of this book is to meet one of my time management goals of having my unifying principles and long-range goals in my planner at all times. Since these won’t change often, it makes sense to have them in a dedicated book.



The second book is my bullet journal style daily notes (including monthly calendars, future log and master task/brain dump list. Currently it is a FN Expedition. Most of my bullet journal books last from a month to 6 weeks, so it will be changed out relatively often.


The third is my workout log. It is the FN Resolutions weekly planner. I’m not sure how long this will stay in the daily carry notebook but it is there now.


I would welcome any input from the planner type folks out there. I’m not fully convinced that this will be the long-term planner set-up I will carry, but it is a start.

UPDATE: After carrying this for 24 hours, I realize that this set-up is not the right sized for my daily carry.  It is simply too fat.  So, back to my leather cover from gearn8tion and simple 1 or 2 notebook carry.

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