Note taking

Today is day 2 of the great restart. I thought I would share a couple of pages from my notebook.

I’m adapting the bullet journal concept to fit my needs. First off, I hope to use time every morning to plan out my actions during my discretionary time. Today is pretty wide open, so I have quite a few action items.

I also wanted to share some of my note taking pages. I always try to write down the person’s name I am talking to so I can keep my notes in context. I’ll also add a phone number in case I may need to follow up.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to use my Pilot Elabo fountain pen with a soft, extra fine nib. I like this pen and it writes pretty clearly and smoothly.  The current ink is Monteverde Brown.

You might notice that I’ve added a calendar spread.  I primarily use my phone/google calendar for this, but sometimes its nice to have this visual for planning.

One thought on “Note taking

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