The Index and Cross-Referencing

I threatened (promised) to write more about the index system I use in my Franklin planner.   This will be a pretty short entry.

The index is simply a listing of the things I think I may need to refer back to in the future.    So I selectively choose just a few things to list.   The short entries refer me back to the daily page entries.  The daily entries have much more detail.

An index page in progress

Franklin provides a page at the beginning of each month’s set of pages that provides 44 lines to mark the things you expect a need to refer back to. I expect if you have need for more lines you could add in another sheet. I think I would have to evaluate whether I really would need to refer back to that many things.

My expectation is that I will keep the pages for a year after I use them.   In the past I have kept them for several years but I never referred back to them more than just a few months afterward.  So, about a year seems about right. 

That’s it. Pretty straight forward.

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