Daily Planning + Video

It’s important for me to be productively engaged most of the time.  I’m sharing my approach to daily planning in a Youtube video.

Daily Planning


I’ve shared my questions for prioritizing here – Time Power – Insight on Time Management.  I think this has been one of the most powerful approaches to personal effectiveness I’ve experienced.   I try to always take 15-30 minutes the first thing in the morning every day to work on my list.  I’ll admit that I don’t always get it done for various reasons but I try.   Sometimes I have to adapt and don’t get to planning time until later or even planning the night before, but when I do spend the time it helps me spend less time in the actual doing.

Many of the time management/productivity experts speak to the value of analyzing or thinking about the tasks we take on.  Sometimes, just a few minutes of consideration will help to shorten the execution of the tasks or it might even give some insight on the true value of the task.  Often I can delay or drop something if it carries little to no value to my overall life.  I call this deliberate procrastination.

The video also shows how I use a habit tracker to document how I deal with those daily tasks that don’t really need to take space on my daily task list.   I hope that this tracker will actually help me ingrain some of those habits I want to just automatically do.  As I get a bit older, it does take more concentration to augment my memory.  I see this tracker approach becoming even more important as the old gray matter continues to ossify.

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