Just a thought…

I’ve been using the same basic planning method for around 30 years.  I’ve veered off a time or two to try digital methods, other “systems” etc.  But I’ve always came back to the old Time Power system.  Of course, I’ve adapted it to take into account that I am likely exposed to 100 times more information each day than I was when I started out and still had hair and we had no idea about email or really anything electronic.

It was easy to prioritize responding to correspondence back in the days when we got our information from letters received in the mail or via actual live meetings with people or in conversations on the phone over a landline.

Now we get notifications in our pockets or on our wrists.  So I use the GTD idea of “Can I do this now?” or “What is the next concrete action I can take that will move this forward?”

But, through it all, I’ve not been on a constant search for the perfect planner.   I realize that a planner is merely a tool.  I’m the one who has to make my system work.  A book won’t do it.  I don’t worry about ‘planner peace.’


2 thoughts on “Just a thought…

  1. For me, there are a few issues with planner peace, which to me are size and portability, binder cost and preference, beautiful and loved gets used, and opened more often, and actual page layout itself, is it practical. I have discovered a square A6 format works for me. You are so right, a planner is a tool at the end of the day though. Thanks for this post, enjoyed it.xx

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