What My 2 Book Modified Bullet Journal Looks Like

Here is what my 2 Field Notes system looks and hopefully functions like.


I’m using a simple cover and 2 Field Notes Sized books.  It is very thin and fits well in my hip pocket.


The left side book is for calendars and planning out in the future.   I do rely more on Google Calendar, but have this set up as a back up.  I also have my unifying principles, long term and intermediate goals as well as brain dumps and what not in this book.  This is where I generate the “thinking” for my daily, weekly and long term planning.

The book I have in here now is from Pebble Stationery and it has 80 pages of thin Tomoe River paper.  It ought to last me several years since it is not seeing daily use.



The right hand side book is where I do all of my daily work as far as planning and record keeping/journal notations.  The book I am using this month is a Field Notes Expedition and I think it will work quite well.  I’ve set up the index on one page to cover each page of the notebook so I’ll have to see how that will do.  Next book will likely have the first 2 pages dedicated to indexing, with a line for each page in the book.

After the index page(s), it will simply be daily task lists and notes taken.  Pictured above are some examples.  I try to stick with a simple note taking system with some basic symbols:  a dot for tasks, an open circle for events, a dash for notes with an indented arrow for additional notes on the same subject or from the same person.

I expect the 48 page Field Notes book to take about 6 weeks to fill up.  Don’t worry, I have a drawerful of them.

A quick note on the pen.  Uni Power Tank pen with an oil based and pressurized ink work extremely well.  They are not expensive and the .7mm point allows me to write small enough to have legible writing in this small form book.



3 thoughts on “What My 2 Book Modified Bullet Journal Looks Like

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    • Hi Tanz,
      I decided that the pocket notebooks simply weren’t big enough for me to be effective in overall planning use,so I’ve returned to the Franklin classic size. Look for a post soon about my 2020 setup.

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