Reading Goals

I’m a prolific reader of fiction.  My average over the past 35 years has been around 60 books per year.   I will admit that my recall of material is not that great as speed reading doesn’t really help my retention, which is why I have certain books that I read over and over again, I expect.

My goal in 2020 is to read 20 books.  I need to slow down and consider more of what I read.  I want to read more non-fiction.  I want to capture those things that mean something to me in a commonplace book.

Here is my beginning list of what I want to read in 2020:

  • The Bible – it has been several years since I read through it.  The time has come to do it again.  Approximately 4 chapters per day
  • Digital Minimalism – Cal Newport – I need to get away from the tyranny of the immediate related to my smart-phone.  Ironically, I purchased this for my Kindle Paperwhite.
  • Deep Work – Cal Newport – anything worth doing is worth doing well.  As an educator, I am convinced that preparing young people for new ways of being superstars in their chosen career fields is my most vital role.
  • Book 4 of the Bloody Pines series by R.W. Mayfield – I’m so proud of my son for his writing efforts.  You should check him out – R.W. Mayfield
  • Articles and research on Work Based Learning
  • Articles and research on personal effectiveness

That’s what I have on the docket.  I would appreciate your suggestions and recommendations.   You can find me on Goodreads here.  I appreciate other reading friends.


3 thoughts on “Reading Goals

  1. If you are interested in development of others, I can suggest “Coach your team” by Liz Hall as it is a simple yet comprehensive introduction to coaching techniques.
    If you struggle in general with reading non-fiction, you can try books that use fiction as a starting point for concepts. Most books by Patrick Lencioni are excellent (the most iconic one is “Five dysfunctions of a team”)

    • Thank you for these suggestions. I wouldn’t say that I “struggle” with NF, more likely I find much of it dry – too many years reading Clive Cussler and Zane Grey I expect. I just need to understand that for me, at least, I shouldn’t try to read non-fiction the same way I read fiction – sit and ignore the world. I need to spend more time in thought and reflection of what I am reading and making connections to the things I am accomplishing in life.

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