Goal Setting Reset…

I’m sure I’m not the only person who spends a great deal of time pondering goals and how to reach them.

Recently I decided to rethink my long term and intermediate goals to help me gain more focus.  As 2019 came to an end, I recognized that my long term goals had perhaps gotten out of hand and I might have written too many.  I believe I had about 18 long term goals.  I realized that I really wasn’t working toward any of them in a coherent manner.  Something needed to change.

Back to the Drawing Board

I took a different approach to long range and intermediate goals.   I sat down and asked myself, “In addition to my unifying principles, what else do I want from life?”   This exercise revealed 6 total long term goals.   They are pretty general – Grow Spiritually and Maintain Excellent Health are two of them.  After much thought and consideration, I prioritized these 6 goals in A 1-4 and B 1-2.  I made sure that each goal did not violate my underlying values or unifying principles.

I placed each prioritized goal on a single sheet of paper in my planner and asked myself, “Okay, how do you get there?”  This simple question generated 2-5 more specific goals on each sheet.  Some examples are “Read the entire Bible in 2020” and “Walk 30 minutes each day.”

Goals in Daily Action

Now I have something that I can really get specific about as far as daily goals and actions.   Some of the intermediate goals, like the walking one, can simply be added to a daily action list.  Others, such as reading widely in non-fiction, generated a daily goal of making out a reading list.   That daily goal then gives me a resource for making decisions on what non-fiction to read or study on any given day as well as being a place to write down recommendations received from others.

What is most exciting to me is that I have a real continuity from the broad principles to the general goals to the more specific steps to the immediate daily actions.   Do my goals meet the SMART format?  Not all of them.  I consider goals like growing spiritually to be more regulatory than having an actual end achievement.

By focusing my efforts on a smaller number of goals, I hope that my actual progress will be more along the lines of excellence and less just about checking things off the list.  I hope that I will continue to work on personal growth until the end of my life.


4 thoughts on “Goal Setting Reset…

  1. I need to reevaluate my goals too. I’ve been on autopilot/survival mode for the last few months so I haven’t been intentional about how I use my time. I signed up for Mel Robbins’ Best Decade Ever program (there’s a FB group which has been very inspiring) and am hoping to make some dreams come true in the next few years. I like the method you outlined here – simple and effective! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I have measurable goals broken down into steps type goals,but also blue sky goals,the wow,to travel here or do this would be awesome one day. The imagination takes me here type goals. Some will come into focus and be planned for specifically as projects, planned for in smaller steps and targets made, and others will be blue sky dreams, daydream wish lists which bring me pleasure to read from time to time. I loved your post here,thank you for it. xxxx

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