Cutting back on digital

It’s not like I write a blog post every day. Never fear faithful reader, I’ll continue to post on a semi sporadic basis, but I’m trying to gain a bit more control over the dependence on devices for all of my information.

I am planning out a really big event at our school – a career fair for students enrolled in our skilled trades academy – and I spent the entire day checking and rechecking my email on my phone. As I look back at my day, I realize that I spent more time perusing emails that were more junk like in nature than ones having much value.

Ironically, I’m composing this post on my phone. However, I think digital tools can be good, if used prudently rather than the catch-all for mindless entertainment.

I’ve deleted social media apps from my hand held computer and will remain free from mobile checking for the month of March. I’ll chime back in later to update on how that went. In the meantime, I’ll keep reading and planning for bees!

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