What I’ve been up to…

New Motto

The end of 2020 was certainly an emotional time for me. Ending a 32 year marriage and trying to pick up the pieces and move on to a new life was both difficult yet liberating. Times of happiness were mixed with times of sadness, but, life is or at least ought to be an adventure. One of my good friends gave me the travel mug above. I shared with her that I thought that Live A Great Story would be a wonderful motto moving forward. She gave it to me on Christmas morning.

I should warn my readers that this blog will become less focused on planning and organization for a while as I start adding to the next chapters of my Great Story. I’m sure my bullet journal will continue to play a big part of my story, but not for this post.

Now That’s What I Call Breakfast!

Learning to cook for 2 has been a challenge. I have many containers of leftovers in my freezer, but that’s okay. I try to make good food and can continue to enjoy it later. Above is a bowl of green chili with 2 over easy eggs and some cheese and a warm tortilla. I’ll tell you what, that is some good eating! The Pueblo Green Chili is one of our more important local crops and I love eating anything with it. Green chili is somewhat of a stew/gravy made with pork, Pueblo Green Chilis (or if you aren’t blessed to have them, you could substitute the dill pickle of green chiles, the Hatch – which shares a plant breeding lineage with our superior pepper) onions, garlic, tomatoes, chicken broth and a few spices. I make pretty good green chili for a gringo. We can eat it in a bowl like pictured above or poured over a burger and add some homemade oven fries to make what we lovingly call a Slopper, which might be the best food in the world!

Slopper!!there’s a beef patty hidden under all that gooey goodness!

Friend and Family

This is my friend Katy, on the right, who gave me the mug, and my youngest son Wilson . This was Christmas Day, right before we ate the beef bourgonoine stew I made for Christmas dinner. It was really good. Katy and I ride bicycles (when the weather is warm enough) kayak, walk and have many meals and tea together. She is a really good friend and has been so helpful to me.

Best Friend!

My friend Bev has been a life saver for me. We enjoy walking and riding bikes together. Bev and I share a common trauma and have just clicked and surprisingly became besties! Love her so much!!


I’m still riding that bike as much as I can. Fortunately, the weather here can be pretty good so riding happens a lot. I enjoy a good 12-15 mile ride on the trails at our reservoir/state park. This always gives me a good workout and those couple of hours give my mind some freedom to enjoy being alive – I always enjoy being alive – but being outside in the sun and focusing on riding is just so much fun. I can think but not get obsessed because I need to focus on the rocks and roots and twists and turns and ups and downs of the trail. Hmm, sort of like life.

Christmas Day Kayaking

Christmas Day turned out to be a beautiful weather day. I’m not sentimental and feel like I need a White Christmas in order to celebrate. I loved having a 70 degree day and being able to paddle around for a couple of hours. Kayaking is so meditative and relaxing. Sure the water was cold, but it was so peaceful to be out and enjoying a beautiful Christmas day with my friend Katy.


I’m an early riser. I love sunrises and sunsets. I feel so lucky to live where I can see the horizon and appreciate the beauty that each day promises.

Life is good.

3 thoughts on “What I’ve been up to…

  1. Starting over after such a long time being married is very difficult, to say the least, but I believe that you are on the right path to a brand new life. A life that you deserve. The best to you on your new journey.

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