Life is Fun

I’m really trying to get back to using a Bullet Journal. Really I am.

But I’ve been a little distracted lately.

My older two sons have been in town from out of state and the country for a visit.

This is the first time these three have been together in almost 4 years (L to R – Oldest, Youngest and Second)

We’ve had so much fun – hiking, laughing, talking, eating!

We’ve danced…

We laughed…

We’ve cried at partings…

We’ve had more fun than we expected. We made music. We enjoyed time together.

But most of all, we were just together. Sometimes just a couple of us, sometimes it was all of us. On the dancing night, the “blended” families were together and my ex-wife and I caught ourselves standing next to each other and smiling while we watched our children (who are all adults) having fun. Heck, we even danced together!

All in all it was about family.

For me, that is what is important – family. Whether we are related by blood or marriage or by friendship, family is what it is about. Brothers, sisters, parents, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, best friends and partners.

Keep them as close as possible.

And don’t worry about keeping it all organized or on a checklist – there are at least 3 bullet journalers in the last photo. It will work out!


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