Goal Setting and Planning

I recently received a request to take a closer look at goal setting and planning.  I ask for your indulgence as I attempt to explain the process I follow. "Goals are dreams with a deadline" "Goals have to be big" "Goals drive productivity" I've seen so much information about goals over the years that it … Continue reading Goal Setting and Planning

What My 2 Book Modified Bullet Journal Looks Like

Here is what my 2 Field Notes system looks and hopefully functions like. I'm using a simple cover and 2 Field Notes Sized books.  It is very thin and fits well in my hip pocket. The left side book is for calendars and planning out in the future.   I do rely more on Google Calendar, … Continue reading What My 2 Book Modified Bullet Journal Looks Like

Vietnam day 1

Here are just a few photos from the first day of our travels in Vietnam. After about 10 hours of travel, visas and immigration, we didn't have much time to tour but we spent some time at the Hao Lo prison. Prison brutality is sobering to contemplate no matter your political persuasion. For a planning … Continue reading Vietnam day 1