Starting Over

It is certainly interesting to get back into life after 30+ years on one path. It makes you wonder if life is actually unfair or not.

I sold the family home earlier this year. We came out okay and I am still stunned at the prices people are paying. I expect the housing bubble will burst and there will be MANY foreclosures on the market in the future. I’m sure we are headed for a massive recession.

I’m really glad I made the choice to retire this year. I don’t think I could have handled whatever is next in this new “normal” in education and in the world. We all lost too much time for maturity and behavior. None of us know how to act anymore and nearly 3 years of whatever the hell happened to us really messed up schools. This crazy inflation is making everything too expensive – what the hell, it takes $80 twice a week to fill up my pickup? And let’s not even talk about groceries…

Here I am at age 58, going back to trailer house living. Sure didn’t expect that at this point in my adventure. But now, I have an affordable house, which may not be my dream home, but it sure ought to work out well for the next little while. Shit, I feel like I’m getting a massive raise on my standard of living despite my perceived stigma of “manufactured homes.”

I consider myself fortunate. I am in a really fun relationship with a fantastic person and I really never expected that. My people really like her, quite a lot. So do I! I think she’s pretty neat.

I have several new friend groups for adventures and music. We get together and play several times per week.

So all is pretty good. And that’s great.

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